Your Guide to Choosing the Right Motel to Stay In

Multiple benefits come with staying in a motel as compared to a hotel. Affordability is among the top advantages. If you are a budget traveller, you will find a motel accommodation highly practical. However, if you want the best value for your money regarding safety and service, you have to be extra keen on the kind of motel you choose to stay in. With several motels available, selecting the right one for your stay can be challenging, especially if it's your first time. Therefore, here is a guide to help you make the proper selection.

Look at the Type of Ownership of the Motel

Independent or privately owned motels tend to have cheaper rates than significant motel chains. Independent motels usually charge less because, unlike the motel chains, they don't pay for marketing or advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, this also means that finding a privately owned motel won't be easy, especially if you are travelling from out of town. The motels are usually owned as well as operated by locals and may not appear online or in travel books. If you come across a motel, try to look it up online or in a travel book. If you don't find it there, you can ask some of the locals for the owner of the motel. Owners of independent motels may even agree to negotiate your accommodation fees.

Consider the Amount of Traffic

It is also imperative to monitor both the parking lot traffic and the pedestrian traffic. A busy parking lot could simply mean that the place is overcrowded, and finding the degree of privacy or attention you desire will be tricky. You may not even get accommodation. On the other hand, a parking lot with few cars could mean that the motel has some underlying issues that are keeping people away. Therefore, you need the parking lot to have just the right number of cars. About half-full is an ideal number to consider. As you examine the parking lot, remember to read the licence plates too. A mixture of both out-of-state and local state licence plates is usually a good sign that the motel accommodates a variety of travellers.

People traffic is sometimes a good thing to consider too, especially if there are considerably fewer cars in the parking lot. Most of the people could be locals, or it could even be a wedding party. You may want to consider moving on to other motels if you notice a lot of people just hanging around.

Consider the Amenities

While you may not get deluxe amenities at a local, privately owned motel, ask for the availability of basic amenities such as a coffee maker, mini refrigerator and microwave. These are significant because you can make your own food without worrying about dining expenses.

Contact a facility that offers holiday accommodations to learn more.

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