4 Conveniences Found in Modern Motel Rooms

In the past, motels haven't always had a great reputation when compared to more upmarket hotel rooms. However, the modern motel has many services and comforts to offer the weary traveller, many of which were not available in decades gone by. Below is a guide to some of the services you may find in a modern motel.

Air conditioning

In the past, installing air conditioning in a motel complex was seen as an unnecessary cost which could make staying in a motel very uncomfortable, especially during the heat of an Australian summer. Thankfully, due to advancements in HVAC technology and reduced costs, many motels have now fitted air conditioning units in each room. This means that you can have a cool and comfortable night after a long day in a hot car.


Traditionally, a motel would have a restaurant attached which would serve food to the guests. While many motels still offer this service, many rooms are now also fitted with a microwave oven. This can be used to warm up or cook food which you have brought with you. This is perfect if you are travelling on a budget and you do not want to eat out on every night of your trip.


In the past, mini-fridge units were often deemed too expensive to place in every motel room. However, thanks to the falling price of such appliances, they can now be found in modern motel rooms. However, unlike in a hotel, it is highly unlikely that the fridge will contain a mini-bar. The main advantage of having a mini-fridge in your room will allow you to store food and drinks, so they do not spoil. 


Motels are often located in remote locations on the side of lonely Outback roads. In these places, it is highly unlikely you will be able to receive a phone signal which is strong enough to power the mobile internet on your smartphone. Thankfully, the majority of motels have now invested in WiFi modems which mean you can connect to the internet while on your trip. However, you should be aware that internet speeds may be restricted to enable each guest an adequate amount of broadband so you may not be able to download large files or stream movies. However, the internet speed should be sufficient for sending emails, updating social media, and browsing text-based websites.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a motel today.

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