3 tips for finding budget friendly long term accommodation

Whether you are moving to a new city temporarily for work, having to relocate out of your previous apartment, or for whatever reason need to downsize your spending significantly, accommodation can be a costly and annoying expense. Typically account for more than a third of people's income, and even more especially for younger generations, accommodation costs are putting a tight squeeze on living standards in cities, towns and even rural locations across Australia. 

If you are happy to live in less luxurious accommodation to save money, then you may be wise to look into budget rental accommodation options across you city. Of course, with more and more people looking to do the same, cheap accommodation is in seriously short supply, and you need to be savvy and quick to get the accommodation you want at a price point you can afford. 

So, if you are looking to make a move, here are three tips for finding budget friendly, long term accommodation wherever you are in the country.

Ask online first

Many properties are rent out by word of mouth before they hit the open market, so you need to get in with potential landlords just as they are considering putting their property on the market. The best way to do this is to spread the word that you are looking for accommodation online, and see if any of your friends, family or colleagues know of anyone who has a property about to go on the market. You might also find that a friend is planning to move out of their flat and could put you in touch with the landlord before the landlord advertises the property more widely.

Consider what you are willing to sacrifice for cheaper costs

Are you willing to put up with a closer proximity to a road, a slightly longer commute or no outdoor space in order to save money? It might be helpful to create a checklist of what does and does not really matter to you so that you can get your priorities clear in your mind. That way when you approach potential letting agents you will be in a strong position to quickly find the property you want and be clear with the agent what you are prepared to sacrifice to get there.

Consider alternative living arrangements

Could you find an elderly couple who have a few extra bedrooms they are prepared to rent out? Could you share with someone from work and offer them a lift into work everyday in exchange for a discount on the rent? A little creative thinking could be just the ticket.

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